Kunstruimte NP40
Middenweg 22 Amsterdam

Museum explosion 1


concept by Leo Kogan (curator)
Works by
Rob van der Schoor
Eric Knoote







Museum explosion 2

september/oktober 2006

SEAS experimental art space Knokke-Heist belgie

Museum Explosion 2, an artistic 'sequel' to Museum Explosion 1 which was realized at the Artists Initiative NP40 in Amsterdam in 2004, is first and foremost a tour de force of images and visual information designed to envelope the viewer and hold him captive.
In this project the members of NP40 – Leo Kogan, Eric Knoote and Rob van der Schoor will use their own works to create a presentation of paintings that radically differs from the gallery and museum presentations we are all familiar with. The paintings will become elements in an installation or environment, thus acquiring a spacial, three-dimensional quality.
Museum Explosion challenges the viewer’s set ideas about how paintings are presented and viewed. Does the Museum Explosion reinforce the content of the presented works or disregards it completely in favor of an effective presentation? There maybe arguments to both sides and critics in both camps will find enough reasons to support their point of view. However try to imagine the masterpieces of the Louvre or the Met or the Hermitage no longer stuck to their allocated wall-space, arranged in flight, flowing freely across the rooms and perhaps even outdoors. No doubt Museum Explosion is an artwork on its own, a collective force of images suspended in a vortex of space, time, and artistic tradition, its destination – the continuation of creativity.



















Museum explosion 3 Willem 3 Vlissingen 2010/2011